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Program Overview

The X-HUB TOKYO INBOUND PROGRAM is an online startup acceleration program aiming to help international entrepreneurs expand their business into Tokyo by providing networking opportunities with Tokyo-based companies including startups. This year, we have selected startups in the three business sectors of Mobility, CleanTech and Life Science & Healthcare.
The program includes mentoring by experienced business professionals, legal lectures on expanding their business into Tokyo, methodology of hiring talent, comprehensive overview of the business sectors’ market, networking event with Tokyo-based startups, pitch event and business matching opportunities with major companies, VCs and startups in Tokyo.

Program Schedule

Mobility Course: December 15, 2022; January 10 and 17, 2023; February 10, 2023
CleanTech Course: December 15, 2022; January 11 and 18, 2023; February 17, 2023
Life Science & Healthcare Course: December 15, 2022; January 12 and 19; February 24, 2023

*1 The program will be held online.
*2 To ensure that each startup get the most out of the program, mentoring sessions will be provided throughout the duration of the program.


Legal Sessions Informative sessions from legal experts on IP rights, regulatory landscapes and various methods of creating an entity in Tokyo
HR Session Informative session on hiring talent as an international startup within the Tokyo market and managing talent
Pitch Workshop Workshop to improve and tailor decks and pitch to the Tokyo market
Market Overview Informative session on the trends and characteristics of the Tokyo market for each business sector
Key Talk by senior entrepreneur Talk session from a senior entrepreneur with an international startup who have entered the Tokyo market to speak on their experience
Incubation Facility Introduction of incubation facilities within Tokyo where international startups are able to conduct PoC or have temporary coworking spaces
Networking Event Fireside talk session with Tokyo-based startups to provide an idea of the realities of being a startup in Japan
Pitch Event Held per sector, inviting potential matching partners including major companies, VCs, etc.
Business/Business Partner Matching Matching with major companies and research institutes as well as with partners to support your business expansion into Tokyo
Mentoring Sessions Professionals will provide 4 mentoring sessions to discuss each startup’s strategies and potential partners throughout the program

Companies participating in the program

Mobility Course

Company Representative Business Overview
Accure Battery Ted James Accure Battery provides software that manages rechargeable batteries used in automobiles and other vehicles to improve efficiency and prevent accidents
Albora Technologies Anselm Adams Albora Technologies provides low-power high-accuracy geolocation to different industries like smartphones, IoT and wearables.
Bareways Moritz v. Grotthuss Bareways offers in-car navigation systems that present a variety of routes, including energy-efficient routes and routes where you can enjoy nature
COMPREDICT Stéphane Foulard and Daniel Dilmetz Compredict combines vehicle durability expertise with data science by the virtual sensors compute health & usage of vehicle components or replace hardware sensors, which enable usage-based product design and new services
Emsense AB Wahlström Rickard Emsense AB provides software that uses radar sensors to monitor and analyze vehicle occupants’ health status, utilized for accident prevention and post-accident response
Epitomical Daniel Alam Epitomical offers expansible, small, unmanned vehicles that can act in concert and can be utilized in multiple industries including agriculture, logistics and construction.
Opsis Andrew Ow Opsis provides software that uses cameras or microphone to analyze the mental state and drowsiness of drivers and passengers based on their facial expressions, voice tone and body language.
Optibus Hiroshi Oshima Optibus provides SaaS that enables real-time management and analysis of bus schedules, runways, and driver work schedules, as well as EV charging status.
Ottonomy Deepak Gupta Ottonomy provides small autonomous vehicles for retail delivery and food delivery, operating at airports and other locations.
Relimetrics Kemal Levi Relimetrics provides AI image analysis software that automates quality control in automotive and other large equipment manufacturing plants.
STYX Aleksandre Kuridze STYX is a platform for centralised transportation management which covers staff, fleet, warehouse and marketplace in one place. One-solution for ground logistics using a video game interface makes complicated things easier to understand and operate

CleanTech Course

Company Representative Business Overview
Autoport Power Vinay Rao Autoport Power is an energy technology company with a focus on development & manufacturing of advanced chemistry cells for sustainable electric mobility.
FLITE Material Sciences Dan Cohen FLITE Material Sciences improves and protects industrial surfaces from friction, rust, ice or fouling, using patented laser treatments instead of toxic chemical coatings. Our technology leads to safer, greener, more resilient products, while improving the environmental conditions in manufacturing and maintenance.
Greener Dan Yates and Mehrnaz Tajmir Greener is a SaaS sustainability matchmaking platform that helps food and drink companies attain their sustainability goals by connecting them with the right supply chain partners.
H2U Technologies Mark E. McGough H2U Technologies uses AI and proprietary methods to discover and test low cost electrocatalysts, we use the catalyst to build a very low-cost, disruptive-design hydrogen electrolyzer to generate cost effective green hydrogen.
Makeena Karen S. Frame Makeena is a hub for consumers to discover, find, and save on clean and sustainable products, and because Makeena uses a SaaS platform it’s efficient for brands that sell those products.
P1 Fuels Martin Popilka P1 Fuels develop 100% sustainable drop-in green alternatives to fossil gasoline and diesel.
PHV Sizwe Dhlamini PHV Sizwe Dhlamini PHV help to improve reliability and availability of equipment with asset performance management software and sensors for transformers, bushings, switch gear and cables.
Raitan Raymond Tan Raitan specializes in designing safe and reliable city-centered battery energy storage solution (BESS) to provide uninterrupted power and accelerate the greenification of the grid.
TrustiT Mohamed Amine Elouni TrustiT provides green solutions for electronic devices management based on marketplace for services to particulars & companies based on affiliation of experts and repairers with programs and digital tools.
Turning Chain Jeff Hu Turing Chain’s SaaS product, Turing Certs, help schools, governments, companies, to issue E-certificates on the blockchain for a paperless and trustful world.

Life Science & Healthcare Course

Company Representative Business Overview
BooleanLabs Nuwan Dehigaspitiya BooleanLabs offers an intelligent mobile app called “MaBaby”, a one-stop solution for pregnant mothers and their unborn babies, customized for every stage of pregnancy
Graphen Ching-Yung Lin (Dr) Graphen provides the following services with graph-based next-generation AI and biological tools that mimic full brain functions:
①Drug discovery development support, ②Identify disease risk and progression information through genome analysis, ③Clinical therapy strategy development
Humetrics Chao-Kang Liao Humetrics offers smart mat for bed-exit alert and continuous monitoring that can improve caring quality of elders
iHEAL MEDICAL GROUP David Khoo Sin Keat iHEAL MEDICAL GROUP offers multi-pronged approach, from prevention to early detection and maintenance, to prevent from heart disease
Jendo Innovations Keerthi Kodithuwakku Jendo Innovations covers a non-invasive vascular health monitoring system, patented in US, Japan, Sri Lanka has completed the clinical trials locally with 85% accuracy and published in IEEE Biomedical Engineering Annual Congress 2021
Master Masker Technology Company Tyler CHENG Master Masker Technology Company is a biochemical technology research and consultation center, offering professional consulting services to help you plan your products
Milvue Paul Idelson Milvue offers a software that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to provide preliminary data to help for medical imaging diagnosis, tasks automation and workflow
MintT Eric Krzeslo MintT detects and prevents falls by using AI and a single sensor which is attached in the room. The solution detects every fall, sends alerts, and provide data to get new insights on fall causes and circumstances for risk reductions
Miznee Tayo Akiwumi Miznee offers an AI driven application which psychologists and therapists use to quickly auto-create interactive digital psychotherapy and psychoanalysis sessions for patients. Supporting over 100 languages, it is accessible by smartphone, tablet, laptop, or smart TV
WEASSIST Tiffany Khoo WEASSIST offers an application that allows healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics to find medical staff. Individuals at home can use the application to look for nurses and doctors at home

Event Schedule

【Networking Event】
The networking event will be open to all Tokyo-based startups. We look forward to the participation from our local startups enthusiastic to connect and exchange ideas on business related topics such as product localization, hiring talent internationally, and expanding overseas to personal topics including living life in a foreign country, unique business practices in Japan and other countries, etc.

Mobility Course: January 10, 2023, from 10:00-11:00 and 18:30-19:30 JST
CleanTech Course: January 11, 2023, from 10:00-11:00 and 18:30-19:30 JST
Life Science & Healthcare Course: January 12, 2023, from 10:00-11:00 and 18:30-19:30 JST

Applications now OPEN:

【Pitch Event】
The pitch event will be open to the public. We look forward to your participation!
– A large corporation based in Tokyo looking to work with international startups
– VC or other financial institutions looking for a novel startup to invest in
– Startups considering potential collaboration in the three business domains

Mobility Course: February 10, 2023, from 16:00-18:00 JST
CleanTech Course: February 17, 2023, from 16:00-18:00 JST
Life Science & Healthcare Course: February 24, 2023, from 16:00-18:00 JST

Applications now OPEN:

【Wrap-up Event】
The wrap-up event will be open to the public. We look forward to your participation!
This event will summarize the 2022 X-HUB TOKYO project with presentations from both our OUTBOUND and INBOUND PROGRAM’s selected startups.
Wrap-up Event: March 20, 2023, from 14:00-17:00 JST

Applications now OPEN:

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