Sep 02, 2020

|EVENT|Open for entries: #1 Overseas Expansion Seminar

Known as the “Silicon Valley of hardware”, Shenzhen has long since developed as a leading innovation city in China. Tencent, Huawei, etc. have their headquarters in Shenzhen, and social implementations utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as unmanned convenience stores and self-driving buses are being realized at high speed. In addition, remarkable growth is expected in the future with the construction of new infrastructure and future cities scheduled to be built. At this event, we will discuss what is happening in the advanced DX cities as a result of the new coronavirus, as well as the “now” in Shenzhen, and provide tips on how to expand into the market that startups should know. We will also tell you how to draw up a business strategy for overseas expansion.

We look forward to seeing you, not only from startups, but also from supporters and institutions!

▼Event Outline▼
Date:Sep,4th 2020 18:00~21:00
Entry fee:Free

・ X-HUB TOKYO Program Overview
・ Ecosystem of Shenzhen
・ Tips for startups to expand Shenzhen, the leading DX city.
・How to draw up a business strategy for startups aiming to overseas