SCRUM Program Overview

X-HUB TOKYO is a platform that connects Tokyo and the global innovation ecosystem to accelerate startups that will pioneer a new era. In addition to the OUTBOUND PROGRAM and INBOUND PROGRAM, X-HUB TOKYO will launch a new “SCRUM PROGRAM” in FY2023. The SCRUM PROGRAM will provide startups in Tokyo aiming to expand overseas of their overseas expansion with support in acquiring the marketing knowledge necessary for overseas expansion and business hypothesis testing, as well as opportunities to pitch to overseas VCs.

About 5 days from December 2023 to March 2024
*Each program takes about half a day
Course Fees
Free of Charge (transportation expenses are to be borne by each participant)
Target Startups
Startups that have been interested in overseas expansion and are planning to start overseas operations in the near future.
*The program will be meaningful for startups that have already started considering overseas expansion and have a clear idea of the countries/regions they wish to operate in and the issues they need to address.
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Application Requirements

Program merit

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Application Requirements

Program content

Common Session

Participants will learn in a workshop format the steps necessary for overseas expansion and marketing techniques for setting up business hypotheses for overseas expansion.

Outline Lecture
An overview of the overall picture of overseas expansion, as well as the importance of strategy formulation, hypothesis testing, and dialogue with markets and customers at each step in the process of overseas expansion.
Workshop I
(Business Hypothesis)
・Introduction to the concepts and framework required for business hypothesis development
・Creating a business hypothesis and getting feedback from the instructor and other participants
Workshop II
(Planning Hypothesis)
・Introduction to the concepts and framework necessary for planning the initial phase of overseas expansion
・Actual planning and feedback from instructor and other participants
English Pitch Lecture
Learning basic concepts about creating pitch decks
Mr.Masayuki Tadokoro

Individual Session

Mentoring by experienced business professionals and pitching to overseas VCs will help you test your hypothesis and brush up your pitch.

Mentoring from
a dedicated mentor
Mentoring support from a dedicated mentor
  • ・Brush up on business hypotheses and plans developed in common session
  • ・Brush up on your pitch deck to ensure that you can present effectively overseas
One-on-One Pitches
to Overseas VCs
One-on-one pitch brushed up by mentoring to overseas VCs and feedback from overseas VCs

Social Event

Networking opportunities, including exchange events with overseas startups and overseas VCs.

Exchange event with overseas VCs
Introduction of market overview of each region/country
・Introductions by overseas VCs on market overviews in their respective regions/countries of expertise
Presentation by participating startups
・Presentations by participating startups to overseas VCs on their business plans, etc., which they have brushed up through the program
Networking opportunities with overseas VCs
Networking event
international startups
Roundtable discussion to exchange opinions with overseas startups

Program Schedule (Tentative)

Program Schedule
※1 Schedule is subject to change.
※2 In principle, participation in all programs is required. Individual work time outside of program hours may be required to brush up on business hypotheses and pitches.
※3 The common session and social event will be a half-day program in a group format each day.
※4 The individual session will be a program (about 1 hour) for each participating startup after scheduling with mentors and overseas VCs.
※5 In principle, participating in the results debriefing (scheduled for March) is required as well.
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Application Requirements

About application

  • The applicant must be a corporation located in Tokyo (including businesses that have a branch, sales office, or other business location in Tokyo).
  • Must have been in business for approximately 10 years or less
  • Must be a privately held company
  • In principle, must not have overseas offices or subsidiaries, and is aiming to expand overseas in the future.
  • In principle, must be able to participate in all programs.
  • Program participants must be a manager, a person with decision-making authority over management, or a person responsible for overseas expansion.
  • Must be able to participate in an online interview if pass the initial screening
  • Must be able to report the results of the project to the secretariat and participate in hearings to ascertain the results of the project.
  • Please note that the following cases will be excluded from the screening process
    • If the applicant violates or is likely to violate laws or ordinances or public order and morals
    • If the contents of the application are incomplete
    • If the applicant provides false information in the application or otherwise makes a false declaration to the Management Office
    • If the applicant is involved with antisocial forces or related parties
    • If the applicant has been involved in fraud or other incidents in the past with respect to projects conducted by the national government, prefectural government, ward, city, town, or village government, etc.
    • If the applicant is engaged in a type of business that is deemed inappropriate as a recipient of public funds, such as chain sales, negative options, hypnosis, or psychic sales.
Application Process
Please prepare the following documents, fill out the entry sheet on the X-HUB TOKYO web page, and upload the submitted documents.
All materials must be submitted in Japanese.
Required Submissions
Related Materials : Please prepare the following materials in the specified format and upload the materials to the entry sheet page.
  • Pitch Materials (PDF, about 10 pages of slides) 

    • ※They will be used during the second screening interview. The following must be included in your materials
    • Hypotheses and proposed plans for business development in the regions/countries envisaged
    • Internal structure for overseas expansion
    • Goals to be achieved in this program
  • Company Logo (PNG format, 600x600px minimum)

Monday, September 25, 2023, 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 5:00 p.m.
Application Process
Application closed
Application Requirements

Screening and Adoption

Number of
adopted companies
Approx. 15 companies
The screening committee, consisting of outside experts, will review and adopt the proposals based on the screening criteria.
Adopted startups will be announced on the website of the Management Office. The Management Office will also notify all applicants of the results.
In order to select startups that meet the objectives of the program, the following screening criteria will be used.
  • Overseas Market Potential
  • Feasibility of overseas expansion
  • Enthusiasm for overseas expansion and willingness to participate in programs
Schedule of Screening
Screening: Initial screening (document review) Late October 2023
Second screening (online interview) November 15th or 16th , 2023
*Companies that pass the initial screening will be invited for an online interview by an external reviewer. The schedule for the online interview screening will be notified to the companies that pass the initial screening.
Notification of the results of initial screening: Late October 2023 (Tantative)
The application information provided by you will be used and shared by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Management Office with the program collaborators (hereinafter referred to as “Collaborators”) to the extent necessary for the Program. The application information provided by you will be used and shared by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Management Office to the extent necessary for this program. Application information will not be provided to any third party other than the Collaborators without prior approval.
We will not respond to any inquiries regarding the screening process or results.
If the TMG deems an applicant to be inappropriate as a participant in the program, the applicant may be asked to withdraw from the program.
The TMG will determine the screening and selection of the program.
Application closed
Application Requirements