【2023】 Selected Companies

  • Aster Co., Ltd.

    Aster Co., Ltd.

    Name of Representative: Masaomi Suzuki

    Seismic retrofitting of vulnerable masonry houses with PAINTING.
    Our vision is creating a world where people can live safely without the fear of natural disaster. Firstly the mission is striving for Zero earthquake victims.

  • Aladdin Inc.

    Aladdin Inc.

    Name of Representative: Yuki Kanai

    SmartTrashCan identifies waste in 0.2 seconds and immediately sorts it with an internal rotating mechanism, contributing to environmental problem improvement. It operates independently thanks to edge computing. In collaboration with the SALVARE blockchain app, it provides efficient waste transportation, a transparent reward system, and CO2 tracking, realizing a comprehensive waste management solution aimed at achieving the SDGs.


    Name of Representative: Yuji Mikami

    An AI service specializing in personality diagnosis and psychological analysis that can be consulted at any time. As a platform for personality diagnosis, you can receive many diagnoses and advice on how to improve your life. In addition, an original GPT-based AI, which remembers your diagnosis results and chat history, will answer your consultation as a personalized mentor for you. It supports your life with coaching and reminder functions and becomes your one and only partner tailored to your preferences.

  • Olive Corporation

    Olive Corporation

    Name of Representative: Takeuchi Seiji

    Olive Corporation specializes in transforming human emotions and states into quantifiable data, harnessing this information for an extensive range of applications. This is achieved through non-contact, non-intrusive monitoring of biometric responses to capture emotional and mental states. All aspects, from data gathering to storage and application, are performed and managed via a cloud-based platform. Our technology is currently applied in various sectors: monitoring employee well-being for workplace improvement, assessing student emotions for educational reform, and analyzing customer responses in retail and e-commerce environments to facilitate and accelerate digital transformation etc.

  • Qlay Technologies, Inc.

    Qlay Technologies, Inc.

    Name of Representative: Tomofumi Nakata

    Qlay is an generative AI-powered consumer sentiment research tool for marketers at consumer product companies. Primarily focusing on analyzing qualitative data in preparation for planning new products and brand initiatives, Qlay aggregates consumer feedback from e-commerce sites and social media feeds, processes them through an LLM (Large Language Model) to extract the consumers’ needs and trends, and summarizes them on a dashboard.

  • Zaimo Inc.

    Zaimo Inc.

    Name of Representative: Takumi Kojo

    Zaimo Inc. provides the AI financial modeling platform “” for startups to enable easy forecasting and faster growth, which makes it possible to create simple but detailed business numerical plans and intuitive business management with a dashboard. We will develop AI-based management improvement consulting and financing support services on and promote our mission of “Make Management Free and Creative” globally.

  • Digireha, Inc.

    Digireha, Inc.

    Name of Representative: Yuki Oka

    Digireha (Digital Interactive Rehabilitation System) is a new type of tool for rehabilitation, which is a combination of digital art and sensors. Digital art and sensors will allow a variety of different interactions, such as linking the motion of the users with digital art.
    This includes animals, trains, jewelry… and more!
    Rehabilitation professionals are involved in every single application development so that all digital art and interactions lead to effective user movement. Reaching out to touch and chase after the digital art…While playing Digireha mindlessly, users’ body movements become effective for rehabilitation without being consciously aware.
    By using Digireha in daily therapeutic training, and engaging with the added entertainment factors, we expect users to increase motivation for constant rehabilitation practice.
    Consequently, this will help their proactive social participation.

  • Tetra Tokyo, Inc.

    Tetra Tokyo, Inc.

    Name of Representative: Toshi Ichikawa

    Tetra Tokyo, Inc. is a trailblazer in the Japanese market, driven by a passion for innovation and disruption. Our flagship creative copywriting solution, ‘,’ redefines ‘targeted, tailored marketing’ by marrying AI with community insights. This approach cuts costs by 50% and enhances efficiency by 80%, revolutionizing how brands adapt to new markets.

  • Tokyo Robotics Inc.

    Tokyo Robotics Inc.

    Name of Representative: Yoshihiro Sakamoto

    Tokyo Robotics Inc. is a robot maker that creates news customer value by quickly commercializing cutting-edge robots that are not yet in the market. We aim to expand the fields of robot application to realize a more efficient society. We have been providing force-controllable robotics arms and full-body humanoid robots since the company was founded, and we are currently working primarily on logistics solutions and datacenter remote monitoring solutions.

  • TRiCERA Inc.

    TRiCERA Inc.

    Name of Representative: Iguchi Tai

    TRiCERA Inc. operates one of Asia’s largest art marketplaces, TRiCERA ART. The marketplace features over 90,000 contemporary art works by up-and-coming artists from more than 126 countries. TRiCERA ART also operates a resale business where collectors can sell their artworks on the marketplace.

  • TRINEAR,Inc.


    Name of Representative: Shigemasa Fukazawa

    “Visualizing Information Beyond the Capability of the Human Eye with a Single Camera”
    The Ultimate Visual Solution Suited for AI and IoT. We develop, design, and manufacture cameras equipped with optical systems capable of focusing the full spectrum of wavelengths (from ultraviolet to far-infrared) using a single lens. By utilizing AI on the output images of these cameras, we build a business that specializes in analysis, analytics, and consulting. This camera makes it possible to simultaneously output visible images from visible light to far-infrared on the single-axis.

  • YuaBread INC

    YuaBread INC

    Name of Representative: YANO KENTA

    Our mission is to create a new bread economy and contribute to the local economy. We are engaged in the following businesses.

    Personal bread delivery service “Pansuku”. Corporate bread service “Pan for You Office”. Business bread sales platform “Pan for You Biz”.

  • Bakery Innovation Laboratory Japan Co., Ltd.

    Bakery Innovation Laboratory Japan Co., Ltd.

    Name of Representative: Tanaka Yasuyuki

    Wouldn’t you like to make and eat delicious bread that is “safe, secure, and good for the environment and the body” using naturally occurring flower yeast? 
    Bakery Innovation Laboratory of Japan (BILJ) is the “food” that makes people healthier for a better future through bread, and works to popularize healthy bread as a fermented food.
    We have acquired the technology to collect yeast fungi from flowers and cultivate them purely through an industry-academia partnership with Tokyo University of Agriculture. We are conducting further research on the efficacy and fermentation of flower yeast.
    We have isolated yeast fungi from flowers that are symbols of local communities and are assisting local governments across Japan in developing gourmet foods for local tourism projects.

  • RIGHTHAND Co., Ltd

    RIGHTHAND Co., Ltd

    Name of Representative: Akinobu Sugawara

    RIGHTHAND Co., Ltd provides a new form of player management by centralising player information that is scattered around the team and collecting data efficiently. By centralising players’ data and videos, we aim to help them choose their future careers. In particular, we want to contribute to the digitalisation of scouting activities by making it possible to discover future talent.

  • Link T&B LTD.

    Link T&B LTD.

    Name of Representative: Toshihiro Iwaki

    Link T&B Ltd. is a venture originating from Nagoya University and engages in business with major automotive manufacturers. We are rolling out next-generation EV charging, key to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). These advanced chargers are designed not merely for easy charging but also to enhance the asset value of EV batteries, representing a novel approach in charging technology. With our innovative services that maximize the investment benefits of implementation, we aim to create an unprecedented EV infrastructure. We also expect to extend this technology to stationary battery stations, becoming a pivotal element in power trading.