UK London

UK London Expansion Support Course

Period:Approx. 3 months (Early September 2018 – Early December 2018)
No. of Selected Companies:5 (approx.)
Focus Areas:Fintech, Blockchain, Insurtech* The above list isn’t exclusive and is not intended to preclude applications from Tokyo venture businesses that are involved in other fields/areas.
Venue:Listed in Program Overview. * Location may vary depending on specific program.
Application Deadline:July 29, 2018 (Sun.)
The course is held in Tokyo and is not an overseas employment program.

This course is intended for entrepreneurs who are in the preparatory stages of overseas expansion and offers support for establishing a business presence in London, the finance capital of the world.
With the development of London’s “Tech City,” which really grew thanks to the London 2012 Summer Olympics, many startups have been flocking to the eastern part of the UK capital. Even before that, though, the city has been home to many financial institutions and thanks to this combination of finances and technology, London became known for its cutting-edge Fintech.
In light of the above, we have invited accelerators and venture capitalists from London to Tokyo so that the program participants can receive overseas expansion feedback tailored to their business fields and growth stages. At the same time, we will actively help the participants kickstart their expansion by providing business matching services which will connect them with local enterprises. (Matching Program)
In addition, at the beginning of the program, participants will receive support from experts, including legal advice necessary for overseas expansion, as well as a refresher course in English communication. (Preliminary Support Program)

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Program Overview
■Preliminary Support Program (See Note 1 below)

Title Number of Sessions
Content Partner Date(s) Location
Global Legal Session 1 A seminar-style presentation by visiting legal experts (attorneys etc.) who will provide an overview of local legal systems and discuss things to keep in mind during business expansion. TBA TBA TBA
Power Pitch Training Session
(Group Sessions)
1 A seminar-style presentation by experts who will discuss the fundamentals of English communication and pitch-making that will be essential in pursuing overseas expansion. NYU SPS Tokyo Mid-September NYU SPS Tokyo
Power Pitch Training Sessions
(One-to-One Sessions)
See Note 2 below Individual training in English communication and pitch-making, provided by experts. NYU SPS Tokyo See Note 2 below NYU SPS Tokyo

1.The Preliminary Support Program will also include an introductory brush-up session conducted by matching coordinators from the Administration Office prior to the Matching Program.
2.Time and date of sessions can be arranged through individual consultation with instructors (some limitations will apply).

■Matching Program

Title Number of Sessions Content Partner Date(s) Location
Global Accelerator 1
(See Note 3 below)
A presentation by visiting overseas accelerators on the state of local ecosystems and program utilization methods. Its goal is to help the participants better understand how to utilize local accelerator programs, and to encourage the global expansion of Tokyo-based venture businesses. In addition, participants will engage in one-on-one discussions with accelerators, receiving feedback on establishing a business presence overseas. See Note 5 below Mid-October Global Business Hub Tokyo(Ōtemachi)
VC Speed Dating 1
(See Note 3 below)
Speed Dating (short/elevator pitch practice) with visiting overseas venture capitalists. By receiving feedback from a venture capitalist perspective, participating companies will have the opportunity to tailor their strategies and fundraising approaches to local business models. See Note 5 below Mid-October Global Business Hub Tokyo(Ōtemachi)
Online Business Matching See Note 4 below Online business matching using teleconferencing systems etc. for networking with local companies that are compatible with participating companies from a business standpoint, followed by discussions to help establish business partnerships. In addition, participants will receive feedback to help foster partnerships with local companies. See Note 5 below Early November to Late November See Note 6 below

3.Following matching sessions in Tokyo, participants may request follow-up sessions via teleconference etc. with Partner companies.
4.We expect to match each company admitted to the program with 3-5 local businesses.
5.Local companies, venture capitalists, and accelerators that will serve as Partners will be determined by Tokyo Metropolis and administrative trustees based on the business fields and growth stages of companies admitted to the program.
6.We plan to work individually with each participating company to ensure that everyone can make use of teleconferencing systems.
7.Program content is subject to change.

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