US East Coast

Support Course for Expansion to the East Coast, USA

Period:Approx. 3 months (October 30, 2017 (Mon.)–mid-January 2018)
No. of Selected Companies:Around 5 companies
Focus Areas:Media, Fintech, Cleantech, Healthtech
Venue:Location designated by the Administration Office (in Tokyo)
Application Deadline:October 15, 2017 (Fri.)
※Application is closed

This course will be implemented together with the local X-HUB TOKYO partner, Venture Café Global Institute (VCGI), which is an innovation community located in the world’s largest facility housing startups, Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). The course invites to Japan local key persons in innovation eco systems, such as accelerators and venture capitalists, and provides seminars and mentoring to program recipients. In addition, the approximately 3-month course will offer support for expanding to the East Coast of the United States, such as opportunities to participate in acceleration programs. During the program period, assistance will also be offered that includes legal support indispensable to local expansion and professional help with polishing English communication skills.

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Sample Program:
■Advance Support Program (*1)

Title Frequency
Content Collaborative partner
Global Legal Session 1 Experts in the local legal system (lawyers, etc.) will be invited to provide information in seminars on topics such as summaries of the local legal system and points to note when expanding. TMI Associates
Power Pitch Training Session
(Group Sessions)
1 Experts will provide information in seminars on basic content for pitches and English communication necessary when aiming for overseas expansion. NYU SPS Tokyo
Power Pitch Training Sessions
(One-to-One Sessions)
Experts will hold individual practical training for giving pitches and English communication. NYU SPS Tokyo

(*1) In addition to the above, advance improvement sessions will be held by Administration Office matching coordinators as an advance support program.
(*2) The frequency and times can be adjusted after consulting individually with the instructor.

■Matching Program (*3)

Title Frequency Content Collaborative partner
Remote Pitch 1 ・In collaboration with overseas accelerators, etc., a pitch event will be held utilizing a video conferencing system. Tokyo startups will give pitches to large overseas companies with the aim of global business collaboration.
・Large overseas companies interested in Tokyo startups will be invited to hold discussions on business collaboration. Feedback will also be gained on business collaborations with large overseas companies.
Note: One of the above is scheduled to be held.
VC Speed Dating 1 Speed Dating (elevator pitches) will be given by Tokyo startups to overseas venture capitalists to gain feedback. This will result in the opportunity to raise funds. VCGI
Global Accelerator 1 Overseas accelerators, etc. will be invited to provide information on locally held programs. Discussions will also take place on an individual basis to receive feedback on local expansion. Ultimately, Tokyo startups will be recruited to take on the challenge of participating in a local accelerator program. VCGI

(*3) After completion of a matching session in Tokyo, a follow-up session is planned to be coordinated with the collaborative partner for willing participants through means such as video conferencing.
(*4) The companies, venture capitalists, and accelerators to be invited from overseas will be announced as soon as decided upon.
(*5) Program contents are subject to change

■Collaborative partner

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Application is closed