Taiwan & Japan Alliance Cases and Overseas Marketing Know-how

Date: February 20th, 2020 (Tuesday) 18:00〜20:30 (Open: 17:30)
Place: EBISU SHOW ROOM (Ebisu) 1F Large Hall
Attendance capacity: 100 people
Participation fee: free

Taiwan is geographically close to Japan and is also very similar culturally. Both regions have strong interest in technology and appreciation of traditional culture. According to “Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI)” reported by GEDI in 2018, Taiwan is nominated as the 18th nation under global ranking, and has marked 2nd place in Asia ranking coming after Hong Kong (Japan is 28th globally, 6th in Asia), which proves that Taiwan has created one of the strongest innovation ecosystems in Asia. In recent years, deregulations for startup businesses and increasing attraction of overseas human resources have been engaged as key national policies ran centrally by the Taiwanese government.
With its limited domestic market size, there is a lot of strategies to learn from Taiwan’s ecosystem where global-minded startups are emerging constantly across different industries especially in the high-tech space. Such learning experience will fit perfectly with the Japanese corporations facing scalability issues under saturated domestic market growth.
In this X-hub event, *Garage+; one of the leading acceleration program in Taiwan, and 3 Taiwanese private entities, with proven success in cross boarder business collaborations, will be sharing with us the themes of “Outline of Innovation Ecosystem in Taiwan”, and “ Cases of Taiwan-Japan Alliance, and its Practical Strategy”, through lecture style.
Do not miss this chance to knowing the latest startup scenes in Taiwan.

An acceleration program organized and founded by Epoch Foundation, supporting startups from various perspectives, including offering of incubation facilities. The Foundation is sponsored and supported by funded 20 large Taiwanese technology corporates with global business experiences.

※In case of speakers are unable to travel to Japan caused by the impact of coronavirus, lectures may be arranged online.

Event Report

Location detail

EBISU SHOW ROOM (Ebisu) 1F Large Hall (3-1-24, Ebisu-minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
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Time table

17:30-18:00 Venue Opening/Visitor Registration
18:00-18:05 Greetings from X-Hub Secretariat Japanese
18:05-18:20 Seminar①:Outline of Innovation Ecosystem in Taiwan(Garage+) English+Traslation
18:20-18:35 Seminar②:Taiwanese Startup Presentation on Working with Japanese Large Corporations(Ideabus Technology) Japanese
18:35-18:50 Seminar③:Startup Presentation on Japanese Online and Offline Collaboration(Maktar) English+Traslation
18:50-19:05 Seminar④:Japanese Startup Presentation on Business Practices in Taiwan(Uprithm) Japanese
19:05-19:10 Layout Change
19:10-19:40 Panel Discussion; Present and Future of Taiwan & Japan Innovation Ecosystem Collaboration English+Traslation
19:40-19:45 Garage+ Startup Global Program Introduction English+Traslation
19:45-20:15 Q&A’s English+Traslation
20:15-21:00 Networking


Epoch Foundation (Garage+): Josephine Chao
Ideabus Technology: Kalin Chen
Maktar: Mactaris Chen
Uprithm: Miki Uchida

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