X-HUB TOKYO 2019 Final Demo Day

Date: March 10 (Tue), 2020 18:15-22:00 (Registration: 17:45)
Place: Bellesalle Roppongi B1
No. of Visitors: Approx. 300
Participation fee: free

We are holding the largest event in this March for the 2019 fiscal year edition of ""X-Hub Tokyo 2019"", the global venture creation platform organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Global statups such as ""TBM"" who developed a method for manufacturing paper from limestone without using water, ""Holoash"" who is expanding its business to overseas successfully through X-Hub's program, will be sharing their presentations on how they realize business goals.

We will also be arranging a panel discussion among this year's X-hub program startups and one of the most renowned global accelerators, to deliver the insights and know-how derived from the program. Learning experience will be suitable for any startup looking to expand to overseas markets and for the anyone who is planning start cross-border businesses in general, don't miss this chance!

Location detail

Bellesalle Roppongi B1: Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi-Douri Building 7-18-18, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032
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This event was cancelled

Time table

17:45–18:15 Registration
18:15–18:20 Opening Speech (Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
18:20–18:30 X-Hub Tokyo Program Introductions (Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support)
18:30–19:30 Key Note Speech (TBM, CEO, Nobuyoshi Yamasaki)*1
19:30–19:40 Break-time
19:40–20:10 Achievement Demonstration①
The Present and Future of Cross-border Business Activities of X-Hub Program Startups
– Holoash, CEO, Yoshua Kishi
20:10–21:00 Achievement Demonstration②*2
Panel Discussion: X-Hub Program Startups and Global Accelerators
LPIXEL, CEO, Yuuki Shimahara
Galen Growth Asia, CRO, Dario Heymann
Nightley, CEO, Yutaka Ishikawa
BMW Group Japan, Stephan Ltz
21:00–21:05 Closing Speech (Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

*2 Available with simultaneous translation (Only Achievement Demonstration②)

Speaker Info

TBM, CEO, Nobuyoshi Yamasaki
Holoash, CEO, Yoshua Kishi
LPIXEL, CEO, Yuuki Shimahara
Galen Growth Asia, CRO, Dario Heymann
Nightley, CEO, Yutaka Ishikawa
BMW Group Japan, Stephan Ltz

【TBM, CEO, Nobuyoshi Yamasaki Profile】

Started a used car retailing business at the age of 20, and has established several new businesses through this experience. Inspired in the age of 30s for creating a business that contributes to human’s well-being and has launched TBM for bridging with the new generation.

【About TBM Co., Ltd.】

Established in 2011. Manufactures and distributes “LIMEX”, a material created from limestone that replaces paper and plastic materials. Has won a number of corporation awards including “World Transmission Competition Awards 2018” ran by Tokyo Metropolitan Government in the category of “Venture Product & Technology”.

This event was cancelled