China as One of the Most Digitally Developed Country in the World, and the Latest Business Activities of Mega-IT Company

Date: February 13th, 2020 (Thursday) 18:00〜19:55 (Registration: 17:30)
Attendance capacity: 150 people
Participation fee: free

"China is a country which has developed dramatically as a digitally developed country, through rapid prevalence of use of SNS, mobile payment, and delivery services among the new generations. They are now taking leadership in the world, primarily in the field of technology development in AI and big data.
In this X-Hub event we will be inviting “Tencent” who will share with us the latest business trends under the spear-head digitalized society, how they have evolved as a corporation, business foresights, and how they incorporate their latest technologies into services.
This is an opportunity to hear experiences from someone who knows the forefront of businesses of Tencent, how they have become a mega venture business from scratch, and how startups shall challenge new markets. Don't miss this chance to learn insights to further develop your business and to challenge the overseas markets.

*Due to recent local transmission of corona virus, please make sure to wear facial masks at venue. Thank you.

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17:30-18:00 Registration
18:00-18:05 Greetings, X-Hub Introduction
18:05-18:25 The Current Situation of Digitalized China Market
Contents: Digitalized situation in China, trends under industries of social, delivery and EC.
speaker:Tencent Cloud Senior Solution Architect Zhou Jianchuan
※Zhou Jianchuan will be joining the event in virutual, due to limited visit to Japan from Corona Virus.
18:25-18:45 Introduction of Tencent(騰訊), IT Mega-Enterprise in China
Contents: Introduction of Tencent, establishment, history, business development, overseas expansion.
speaker:Tencent Cloud Senior Solution Architect Qiu Binbin
18:45-19:25 Introduction of Spear-Head Technlogy that Supports your Challenge to China Market
Contents: Tencent Cloud, Network Solution, Data Analysis System, How Tencent collaborate with Networks and Investment Functions.
speaker:Tencent Clou Senior Solution Architect Fu Ang
19:25-19:55 Networking

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