Program Overview

The X-HUB TOKYO INBOUND PROGRAM is an online startup acceleration program aiming to help international entrepreneurs expand their business into Tokyo by providing networking opportunities with Tokyo-based companies including startups. This year, we have selected startups in the three business sectors of Mobility and CleanTech.
The program includes mentoring by experienced business professionals, legal lectures on expanding their business into Tokyo, methodology of hiring talent, comprehensive overview of the business sectors’ market, networking event with Tokyo-based startups, pitch event and business matching opportunities with major companies, VCs and startups in Tokyo.


Program Schedule

Mobility Course: October 24, 2023; November 7 and 21, 2023; December 12, 2023, January 17, 2024
CleanTech Course: October 24, 2023; November 9 and 22, 2023; December 14, 2023, January 17, 2024

*1 The program will be held online.
*2 To ensure that each startup get the most out of the program, mentoring sessions will be provided throughout the duration of the program.



Legal Sessions Informative sessions from legal experts on IP rights, regulatory landscapes and various methods of creating an entity in Tokyo
HR Session Informative session on hiring talent as an international startup within the Tokyo market and managing talent
Pitch Workshop Workshop to improve and tailor decks and pitch to the Tokyo market
Market Overview Informative session on the trends and characteristics of the Tokyo market for each business sector
Key Talk by senior entrepreneur Talk session from a senior entrepreneur with an international startup who have entered the Tokyo market to speak on their experience
Incubation Facility Introduction of incubation facilities within Tokyo where international startups are able to conduct PoC or have temporary coworking spaces
Networking Event Fireside talk session with Tokyo-based startups to provide an idea of the realities of being a startup in Japan
Pitch Event Held per sector, inviting potential matching partners including major companies, VCs, etc.
Business/Business Partner Matching Matching with major companies and research institutes as well as with partners to support your business expansion into Tokyo
Mentoring Sessions Professionals will provide 4 mentoring sessions to discuss each startup’s strategies and potential partners throughout the program

Companies participating in the program


Company Representative Business Overview
AIMMO Seungtaek Oh AIMMO provides AI data processing service and have AI team who can develop relevant AI models to meet customer’s needs.
Aitonomi Xenia Scholl
Torsten Scholl
Aitonomi automates and electrifies industrial and urban logistics with its self-driving transport robots.
CYMOTIVE Technologies Michael Golosovsky Founded in partnership with Volkswagen group, CYMOTIVE bundles unique combination of expertise and experience to deliver cutting-edge innovations for advanced end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, protecting the smart mobility from cyber threats.
DRVR David Henderson DRVR uses the smartphone as a sensor to reduce road accidents and improve safety.
E-Port James Kim E-Port’s eLSA ‘ship-in-port’ Platform connects Charterer, Carrier, Broker, Agent, and Port Services in the maritime supply chain and delivers real-time visibility to cut wastage and emissions while helping MSMEs digitalize.
Kasko2go Arina Man Kasko2go mitigates risk within motor portfolios, leading to a decrease in the loss ratio and a boost in profitability.
OmniEyes Chun-Ting Chou OmniEyes uses edge AI and video analytics to create a new fleet management platform. Through its Management as a Service (MaaS), customers are not just able to track their fleets but have comprehensive control of various risky driving behaviors.
Stemly Sanjay Saini Stemly provides an interconnected solution that bridges decision-making across supply chain operations, finance and sustainability functions.

【Clean Tech】

Company Representative Business Overview
Ambient Photonics Bates Marshall Ambient Photonics, California-based company, was founded in 2019 to bring low-light energy harvesting technology to mass scale.
Castomize Technologies Teo Jun Hieng Abel Castomize Technologies makes healthcare more accessible, effective, and less invasive by creating new medical devices using advanced manufacturing.
Electriq Danny Weber Electriq Global, based in Israel, spearheading the next generation of hydrogen solid carriers: Powdered Hydrogen. Our proprietary energy-rich Electriq Powder redefines hydrogen storage, transportation, and last-mile delivery in ambient and non-pressurized conditions.
Global Nano Network Sanjay Daswani Global Nano Network is a technology company solving battery power density and cycle life issues with HyperFoil®, a high-power current collector that is form factor and chemistry agnostic. We use sustainable materials and a localized supply-chain to provide manufacturers this critical component that will dramatically improve cell performance.
Greenie Web Ian Chew Greenie Web is a Singapore-headquartered Climate Tech startup whose mission is to build the green internet. At present, Greenie Web is focused on digital decarbonization & sustainable digitization as two main pillars of their work.
Parsons Kinetics Jonathan Rojas Parsons Kinetics develops high-efficient turbines with not so fast wind that allows to accelerate the wind energy sector.
Renew Risk Ashima Gupta Renew Risk provides world-class risk analytics and modelling solutions for insurance and financing of renewable energy assets like offshore wind farms.

Upcoming Events

【Pitch Event】
The pitch event will be open to the public. We look forward to your participation!
– A large corporation based in Tokyo looking to work with international startups
– VC or other financial institutions looking for a novel startup to invest in
– Startups considering potential collaboration in the three business domains

Mobility Course: December 12, 2023, from 4:00-5:00pm JST
CleanTech Course: December 14, 2023, from 4:00-5:00pm JST

【Networking Event】
At the networking event, selected startups of INBOUND PROGRAM and SCRUM PROGRAM are going to exchange ideas on business related topics such as product localization, hiring talent internationally, and expanding overseas to personal topics including living life in a foreign country, unique business practices in Japan and other countries, etc.

Date:January 17th 2024

【Wrap-up Event】
The wrap-up event will be open to the public. We look forward to your participation!
This event will summarize the 2023 X-HUB TOKYO project with presentations from both our OUTBOUND and INBOUND PROGRAM’s selected startups.
Wrap-up Event: March 2024 (details to be determined)

Keep an eye out for updates through emails and SNS for latest information.