X-HUB TOKYO course8: ACCELERATOR Batch 2:Healthcare Batch Selected Candidates

  • LPIXEL Inc.

    Name of Representative:Yuki Shimahara

    EIRL is the collective name given to LPIXEL’s AI medical image diagnostic support technology. LPIXEL aims to provide solutions that enable a faster and more accurate diagnosis by implementing its unique algorithms to analyze medical big data, such as brain and breast MRI, chest X-rays, and colonoscopy.

  • AI Medical Service Inc.

    Name of Representative:Tomohiro Tada

    AI Medical Service Inc. is one of the world’s first real-time endoscopic artificial intelligence (AI) developers that collaborates with approximately 80 medical institutions representing Japan in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy to research and develop AI endoscopies. The results have been widely accepted by experts all over the world, including the conference for Digestive Disease Week (DDW), the world’s largest gastroenterology association, in which as many as 12 studies by AI Medical Service were selected for presentation including the one awarded as “Best of DDW.” The company will enable the practical use of these technologies at an early stage and will contribute to the world’s endoscopic medical practice by supporting physicians’ diagnoses, thereby reducing the risk of overlooking diseases to the highest extent possible.

  • Xenoma Inc.

    Name of Representative:Ichiro Amimori

    Xenoma develops the next-generation smart apparel ‘e-skin’ to provide well-being and happiness in your daily life. Tracking various data anytime and anywhere on the whole body, e-skin is one of the most ideal interfaces to monitor activities and vital signs. Each product has different functions and designs depending on the applications.

  • DoctorsMobile, Corp.

    Name of Representative:Akihiro Nakao

    We “DoctorsMobile” provide various ICT services for hospitals and patients. We have over 2000 models of patient condition, and we provide application to run and use these models in the care pathway. With these models, we can visualize and optimize the workflow of patient treatment in hospitals continuously. Optimizing of the workflow decreases unnecessary tasks and improves the quality of the services, and it therefore improves the patients’ outcomes.

  • Triple W Japan Inc.

    Name of Representative:Atsushi Nakanishi

    Triple W’s vision is Live your life to the fullest through vital technology and we focus on ultrasound wearable technology which is only to monitor and quantify organs inexpensively and safely. At this stage, we have developed bladder monitor device named DFree and provide to care facilities and home users especially in Japan and the U.S. And now we have been developing bowel movement detector. Next stage, we will develop sensor techs for other organs. Then, we will make integrated healthcare management system for biological information and collaborate with medical industry to improve home healthcare services.

  • Novumcella Inc.

    Name of Representative:Yasuyuki Kusuhara

    Novumcella Inc is a venture company that develops regenerative medicine products and performs medical big data analysis. In regenerative medicine, a technology that enhances the function of stem cells by adding statin PLGA nanoparticles to adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells, has the exclusive normal license of patents related to myocardial regeneration, We have exclusive licenses outside as well. The University of Tokyo Professor Hashida’s Personal Life Repository (PLR) technology is usually licensed, and by conducting medical big data analysis, for patients who have had stents in place for myocardial infarction. In collaboration with domestic manufacturers, we will develop medical devices that can quickly identify signs of restenosis for such patients.

  • Blue Practice Co., Ltd.

    Name of Representative:Koji Suzuki

    The latest medical practice technology using advanced medical devices is accelerating in importance to support the healthy life expectancy of people. And with the evolution of technology, treatment methods and surgical techniques will continue to evolve. However, the subject of treatment remains the human body that lives. Blue Practice has created a biological model that closely approximates the human body using technology that accurately reproduces the characteristics of human organs and blood vessels. By installing multiple microsensors in a biological model, we provide an advanced platform for medical simulation that accurately enables data collection and analysis in the development and evaluation of medical devices that use the model.

  • Medmain Inc.

    Name of Representative:Osamu Iizuka

    “TO CREATE A WORLD WHERE MEDICAL SEVICES CAN BE ACCESSED WITH TECHNOLOGY ANYWHERE, ANYTIME” As a supporting partner to medical practitioners throughout the world, Medmain develops and operates PidPort, an analytical system for pathological image diagnosis that makes use of Deep Learning. PidPort is an analytical system for pathological image diagnosis that enables super-precise, prompt pathological diagnosis using our unique Deep Learning/AI-based image processing technology. PidPort also features a remote pathological diagnosis function that leverages cloud network technology.


    Name of Representative:Kenji Kawashima

    We are a start-up company that manufactures and sells telesurgery robots that are pneumatically driven. Based on many years of research at Tokyo Institute of Technology, we started operations in May 2014 for the purpose of commercializing surgical assistant robots. The feature of our operation assistant robot is that the forceps entering the body are driven pneumatically, the force applied to the tip of the forceps is measured by the amount of air in the external pneumatic cylinder, and the force is measured in real time by the operator We use the only technology in the world to reproduce the sense of force in real time for the operating doctor. By driving with pneumatic drive air, it is attractive that it can be manufactured lightly and compactly with fewer parts. It weighs less than 400kg and is half of Da Vinci. With this advantage, we would like to manufacture and sell small surgical support robots that function in lung, esophagus, and pediatric surgery and expand them worldwide.

X-HUB TOKYO course8: GLOBAL STARTUP ACCELERATOR Batch 1 Mobility Program Selected Candidates

  • AC Biode Co., Ltd.

    Name of Representative:Tadashi Kubo,

    We will develop the world’s first standalone AC (Alternating Current) battery. Compared to the current DC (Direct Current) Li-ion battery, our battery is 30% more compact in terms of volume, safer, a double lifecycle, and reduce AC-DC conversion loss. We will achieve them by utilizing all the existing materials and production lines; therefore, it is going to be quicker and more affordable than developing new materials or new types of batteries. Our first target will be for smaller applications such as e-bikes, e-scooters, or energy storage, then will expand to EVs, aerospace, and more. Applicable not only to Li-ion batteries but also the future generations, such as all-solid-state batteries. We have entities in Japan and the UK, we won or got awarded at 7 international start-up competitions around the globe, such as the University of Cambridge, MIT/USA, European Space Agency, Science Park Graz in Austria and more.

  • EAGLYS, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Hiroki Imabayashi

    EAGLYS provides Secure Computing Platform called “DataArmor”, where any operations are executed over encrypted data in whole process without decryption. With DataArmor, 3rd parties’ data base (DB) and analytics/AI algorithm are turned into SecureDB, SecureAnalysis and SecureAI, which is designed to be easily integrated through add-on to existing system. Even confidential data can be shared, managed and analyzed over encrypted data. SecureDB by DataArmor can maintain, collect, search and DB-integration in always-encrypted form, and SecureAnalysis/SecureAI process pattern analysis, association mining, and machine learning/deep learning with encrypted data.

  • Enhanlabo Co., Ltd

    Name of Representative:Takeshi Zayasu

    We developed the glasses type wearable “b.g.”. You can see the display information with a slight glance movement, with Hands-free situation. The key concept is visual extension. We aim to increase productivity by drawing out new visual possibilities mainly in the BtoB area. “b.g.”, the design of “how to see” and “comfort” are pursued. Moreover, it becomes the design of the over glass type so that the person who needs the sight correction can hang from the top of the glasses. “b.g.” is developed with the know-how of “Megane Super, it’s famous Japanese retail chain”, and the manufacturing of the sacred place of glasses “Sabae, Fukui-prefecture”. The company name “Enhanlabo” is named after a combination of enhance and laboratory. We want to contribute to society by enhancing the possibilities of people through the expansion of vision and the five senses.

  • Kenpal Inc.

    Name of Representative:Ken Iida

    In Japan, about 38,000 accidents occur annually due to sleepy and/or casual driving, and more than 700 people lose their lives by those accidents. Kenpal Inc. has developed a drowsy driving prevention service “Drivescore” to solve this social problem. (Patent No.6132327, PCT examination completed) Drivescore is our proprietary technology that analyzes EEG data and detects changes of the degree of sleepiness. It measures brain waves of the driver using a simple brain wave sensor and a smartphone app. The drowsiness diagnosis before driving predicts the risk of dozing and proposes a guide for a break. While driving, as well as sleepiness, catch early signs of drowsiness and prompt the driver to take an early break.

  • Mujin, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Issei Takino

    Mujin is a company which develops and sells “intelligent robot controllers,” designated as a common platform for industrial robots. Conventional robots, even though they are suitable for the automation of repetitive work, were difficult to install in environments where handled products and the surroundings are liable to change, due to the robots’ operations differing by manufacturer and the complex settings. Mujin has solved this problem using technology called motion planning, and is providing solutions in which heavy/simple work done by humans at the logistics/manufacturing scene are automated by robots.

  • NearMe, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Koichiro Takahara

    NearMe is a startup aiming to contribute to regional revitalization by providing services that match various, in-the-moment needs through the instant matching platform. Currently, NearMe operates a “taxi ride-sharing” service, which enables instant matching of people who want to go in the same direction by taxi. Also, NearMe has released “SmartShuttle™”, which is the next-generation airport shuttle realizing optimal transfer route by Artificial Intelligence. With those sharing services, users can save taxi fare and avoid the long wait for “last one-mile” mobility. By providing an effective mobility system, NearMe can build more convenient living conditions for suburbs and solve shortages in alternative transportation methods such as in the aging society and tourist places, with new mobility experiences.

  • Nightley inc.

    Name of Representative:Yutaka Ishikawa

    We “Nightley inc.” is specialized in Location Big Data Analytics. Since our company was founded in 2011, we have been developing technologies and producing services. We have two products, “inbound insight” and “LOCAL INSIGHT”. “inbound insight” provides behavioral analytics of international travelers to Japan. “LOCAL INSIGHT” provides Data Analytics to solve regional problems. In recent years, we concluded an alliance about Data Analytics of Connected Car with an auto manufacturer. Also, we have started to attempt to realize Cashless Society and Smart City by data connections with the largest credit card company and communication apps company. We are trying to solve business tasks and social issues by seeking possibilities of Location Big Data.

  • TAGCAST,Inc.

    Name of Representative:Akatsuki Torii

    TAGCAST makes GPS evolved. We provide “Location Tech” which authenticate Space Location, Table Location and Wall Location by IoT with world patents in 9 countries. TAGCAST is switch to move to Digital Transformation(DX) and create User Experience(UX). TAGCAST is used by mobile order application “Putmenu” and realize shopping innovation for restaurant, food court and event.

  • HoloLab Inc.

    Name of Representative:Kaoru Nakamura

    HoloLab Inc. is a research and application development company focusing on Mixed Reality related technology. Since its establishment on 2017, HoloLab has a handful of MR app development achieves with various market segments like Manufacturing, Construction, and Telecommunication/Media industry. mixpace is the SaaS package for 3D Visualization of 3DCAD. User can upload their 3D design data to our mixpace cloud to auto-convert into 3DCG data. And mixpace client app for each AR/VR/MR device can download it to visualize, and enable the data to be experienced in the 3D space.

  • AISing Ltd

    Name of Representative:Junichi Idesawa

    We are the company that gathers AI and mechanical engineering professionals. We develop original edge AI algorithms suitable for machine control (lightweight, no internet connection required, world-class AI technology that can be embedded on edge devices one by one, real-time learning) and jointly develop with major companies in various industries.

X-HUB TOKYO course7: Canada, Toronto Expansion Support Course Selected Candidates

  • KINDLER, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Asuka Kadowaki

    Find your life style! Do you have a lifestyle that suits you? What do you think is good for building a lifestyle that suits you? It’s to know yourself. “Mira (Mira)” provided by Kindler Corporation provides hints for knowing yourself. KINDLER, Inc. provides matching platforms and make simulators for beauty advisers and students with AI face analysis tools.

  • GIFT PAD Co., Ltd.

    Name of Representative:Yukihiro Sonoda

    Gift pad system provide new way of sending high quality gift via SNS or e-mail. In Japan there is so-called catalogue gift which you pick the gift from the booklet and order it by sending order form post card to receive it. Gift pad system replaces this old gift style to new WEB catalogue gift. Not just to send personal gift, the system is widely accepted in B to B market such as sales promotion and gift from company to employee.

  • Synapse corp.

    Name of Representative:Yoshihiro Katayama

    Our company develops, maintains and consults AI system, It is a company that provides BTM platform “DEPPARI” and “DEPPARI SDK”. “DEPPARI” realizes improvement of convenience for users by unifying all travel goods, and it is also compatible with personal trips as well as corporate business trips. In addition, we will monetize the collected BIG data with marketing data.

  • AnyTech inc.

    Name of Representative:Yoshiki Shimamoto

    Collateral of water quality in the water treatment facility is important, but it is unrealistic to monitor at all times because the amount of water is enormous, it is a problem that the discovery of water quality abnormality is delayed. Install surveillance cameras in the water treatment facility, acquire moving images, analyze, and provide AI technology services to detect abnormalities.

X-HUB TOKYO course6: China (Hong Kong & Shenzhen) Expansion Support Course Selected Candidates


    Name of Representative:Takashi Furukawa

    We, INNOPHYS Co., LTD, are venture company using technologies from Tokyo University of Science. Our products are wearable robotics suits as Exoskeletons model that support person’s action. Main product name is “Muscle suits“. Muscle suits can support wearer’s lower back and improve a working environment. We already have sold over 3500 units in Japan. Our users belong to heavy works. For example, Elder care, Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture and so on. We use Artificial Muscle, it works by air, for our product. As the result our robotics suits are no battery and no electric motor. And more, we have just launched “Muscle Upper” that support lower back and arms from Oct. 2018. We also research and develop Rehabilitation equipment as wearable robotics suits.

  • Vacan, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Takanobu Kawano

    Vacan, Inc. develops and manages a vacancy search service “VACAN” that allows users to grasp whether venues are vacant or not in just one second, even if the user does not visit the site due to IoT and artificial intelligence. By using “VACAN”, users can instantly know whether they are available simply by looking at digital signage or smartphones without looking around each floor purposely about restaurants, cafes, toilets, etc. of commercial facilities and department stores. On the other hand, the introduction facility side improves customer satisfaction, efficiently mobilizes vacant facilities, improves migration effect, and also utilizes facilities in real time by grasping the usage situation of the facility, thereby also utilizing it for maintenance of facilities And it will lead to value improvement of the facility.


    Name of Representative:Naoaki Mashita

    SENSYN ROBOTICS,Inc., Our vision is We evolve the social common sense by robotics technology. We are planning, developing and selling business solutions combining robotics technology such as drone and advanced technology. We have four main technical components. 1 Real time visual communication system 2 Image recognize/analysis 3DRONEBOX (fully autonomous drone station) 4FLIGHT CORE (Flight Operation system). We combine these components to develop Package for specific tasks. For example, SOLAR CHECK (Solar photovoltaic panels inspection package), TOWER CHECK (Tower inspection package), etc. We aim to solve imminent social problems caused by a decrease in labor force.

  • Whomor Inc.

    Name of Representative:Mikiya Shibatsuji

    We are linking creators (creators wishing to receive a lot of work) and clients and consumers (who want high quality content) while guaranteeing quality. The main business is below. -Illustration Production -Manga Production for business -Manga Production for custormer -Our Web and App services -Entertainment Production for Business Our strengths are the following three points. -Establish network of one of the largest creators and writers in the country -High-quality content results by intervention of production system and production progress by division of labor -Supports solutions that utilize entertainment not only for production contractors

  • Amegumi Inc

    Name of Representative:Eisuke Tokiwa

    We will sell smartphone with new OS called “SUNBLAZE” for business use such as individual, SME, and Employee. This smartphone is cheaper (40-50 USD) and Long Life (at least 3 years). Android apps can work, so business sector want to use this smartphone with a few apps such as micro loan, post payment, and B2B EC.

X-HUB TOKYO course5: UK London Expansion Support Course Selected Candidates

  • Mashroom

    Name of Representative:Yoichiro Hara

    Mashroom provide smart delivery box system called VOX which can be controlled via smartphone that has permission to open. With using this delivery box, courier service providers can collect and deliver package to customer anytime. Our aim is to reduce the cost caused by receiver’s absence and simplify the customer’s experience of package shipping and reduce the receipt related burden. VOX system provides secure unlock authentication that can work with no supplying electricity and with no network setup. Since our proprietary bi-directional communication technology between the smartphone and VOX device authenticate access permission via smartphone’s mobile network, that allows low-energy consumption and extremely low the manufacturing cost (Under €40/device). Customers will pay €4/mo. as subscription service.

  • New World Company Inc.

    Name of Representative:Tomohiro Ono

    New World Company is engaged in fashion-technology, creating convertible shoes for women by its brand “FAMZON”.
    With one touch, FAMZON heels can be changed to fit any style, scene or occasion. Since the 2017 launch of the D2C model, EC revenue has been substantially increasing without any advertising expenditure, solely relying on the word of mouth among working women.
    In cooperation with national research institutions, we are devoted to solving the problems of shoe buying with technological development that can easily be adapted to the modern customer’s lifestyle.
    As a brand that satisfies the world’s needs by creating an essentially beautiful design, we pursue the goal to become the premier manufacturer with unique craftsmanship and original technology.

  • Crowd Realty, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Takeshi Kito

    Crowd Realty is running a Peer to Peer equity financing marketplace specialized for real estate. We are providing fundraisers with opportunities to raise small amount of equity from public capital markets by using our independently-developed securitization scheme and equity crowdfunding, and digitizing and streamlining various processes for securities issuing and offering.
    Crowd Realty has headquarters in Japan and a subsidiary in Estonia and is executing both domestic and cross-border transactions and keeps expanding to other regions in parallel.

  • Warrantee Inc

    Name of Representative:Yusuke Shono

    Our company brings significant benefits to both your consumers and companies with “Platform × Data utilization × Insurance” services. We provide digital CRM automation service.
    1.Lead Management Automation
    We contribute to your purchasing promotion by providing relevant information to potential customers at the appropriate timing.
    2. Lead Nurturing Automation
    We understand the potential customers’ taste and the timing of new purchase / replacement and move them to purchase your products.
    3. Deal Management Automation
    We build up a “purchase channel” on the app, and automatically lead customers to purchase.
    4. Customer Support Automation
    We automate repair and other after-sales support.
    Through these four functions, we help your companies to reduce time and cost.

X-HUB TOKYO course4: US West Coast Selected Candidates

  • Lily MedTech Inc.

    Name of Representative:Shiho Azuma

    Today in Japan, one in twelve women is facing to develop breast cancer. The morbidity is higher in younger ages, which is Eastern Asia (incl. Japan)- specific, and while the 10-year survival rate hits higher than 90% in early-treatments, the survival rate drops significantly in the post-metastasis-treatments. Therefore, the promotion of breast cancer screening is desired but only to remain the screening rate around 30%. Mammography is the only screening tool recommended by the guidelines. However, its cancer detection rate declines when a patient has a high breast density. Sonography is recommended for the combined examination with mammography. Its cancer detection rate depends on skills of the examiners.
    We have developed an imaging system “Cocoon” that scans breasts of female of all ages without pain, radiation or skills, to contribute to early-detection and early-diagnosis of breast cancer.

  • primesap

    Name of Representative:Takeshi Kimura

    We provide health fitness optimize solution with AI x IoT for everyone. No matter what life stage they are in, people want to improve their own health fitness. Athletes want to improve their performance to win every next game with avoiding risks of injuries. Elder people want to improve and maintain their fitness every next year. As of today, we provide three products line for three segment; LiveTrac is an intelligent sports analytics for those who want to improve performance with avoiding any risks of injuries. LifeTrac is a smart AI monitoring for hospitals, nursing homes and single living elder people. IndusTrac is a pre-cognitive field worker monitoring system.

  • EmbodyMe, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Issei Yoshida

    We are building a smartphone app called Xpression, which uses AI to easily create fake videos indistinguishable from reality. Xpression replace someone else’s expression in a video with your own in real time. For example, using a clip of Donald Trump speech on Youtube, you can speak as the US president and easily create a fake video that is indistinguishable from a real speech.

  • Ubie, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Kota Kubo

    Ubie, Inc is an AI health-tech startup which core technique is disease prediction. We have introduced Hospital-Ubie into more than 50 clinics. Hospital-Ubie reduces the doctors’ EHR typing costs, by making the medical questionnaire texts. It uses the AI to provide the questions. We also develop the app Dr.Ubie for individuals who got a symptom. Dr.Ubie predicts the disease patients got, and suggests which they should go to the hospital or not, which OTC-drugs to buy, and treatments.

  • Holoash,Inc.

    Name of Representative:Yoshua Kishi

    Unleashing the potential of Anomaly such ADHD by emotional device(Hologram) and AUIs Using our technology, our goal is to develop solutions to the problems that people with potential such as ADHD face on a daily basis. Internet rewrite human brain as distractive and fidget. We cannot endure a minute to talk or see something because massive notifications. We aim to create an environment in which these individuals can focus on what they truly want to do, by supporting them in various aspects throughout their daily lives. Our products will aid in the creation of plans and provide support for users to stick to them, assist users to not forget things, and provide support in making minor decisions.

X-HUB TOKYO course3: Singapore Business Expansion Support Course Selected Candidates


    Name of Representative:Shinya Minobe

    The corporate vision of YUKASHIKADO is “Both at home and overseas, we will do our best to create equal environment and opportunity, and create the world where the people who can have an ability to make an effort would get stronger.” To realize our vision, we develop the world-first device called VitaNote that can check nutrition levels and nutritional foods.


    Name of Representative:Shinichiro Nakaishi

    A company that develops and sells “comuoon”, a support device that improves dialogue on the speaker’s side to support hard of hearing. 8,000 of “Comuoon” are being used since its releas in 2013. The number of people with hardship to hear in Japan is approximately 15 million people. Problems arise with the acquisition of voice information due to hearing loss, and as a result, social participation becomes difficult, which is a big problem. There are also cases where you are misdiagnosed as dementia in dementia testing due to hearing loss.

  • Sustainable Medicine, Inc.

    Name of Representative:Taro Ueno

    Cognitive behavioral therapy is recommended as a first line treatment for insomnia.However, it has not been widespread due to the lack of manpower at medical sites and the overprescription of the sleeping pills is a problem.We have developed a mobile application which enables cognitive behavioral therapy and are promoting clinical trials.Furthermore, in order to lower the cost of the clinical development, we developed a clinical development system using blockchain technology.These products will contribute to the compatibility between innovation and sustainable medicine.

  • Holoeyes Inc.

    Name of Representative:Naoji Taniguchi

    Holoeyes provides VR / Mixed Reality based communication service for doctors and hospitals . Holoeyes provides customized VR / MR application for surgical procedure form each patients CT scan data . Our final goal is provide 3D library of procedure and cases for doctors, patients and students .

  • BONX Inc.

    Name of Representative:Takahiro Miyasaka

    We are a company behind “BONX Grip”, ultra verstaile group talk technology. We also launched business voice-based communication solution “BONX for Business.” We create the future of communication through the power of IoT.

  • Triple W Japan K.K.

    Name of Representative:Atsushi Nakanishi

    Triple W Japan K.K. is a Tokyo-based startup company that develops the first connected wearable device that can track the progression of bladder movements using non-invasive ultrasonic sensors. DFree has started its service from spring 2017 and used in about 150 senior care facilities in Japan. From spring 2018, Triple W Japan started a new service to support the independent excretion for the elderly. Also, the sales for individuals is scheduled to start from summer 2018.

X-HUB TOKYO course2: Business expansion support course — Germany, Berlin・Munich Selected Candidates

  • Coaido Inc.

    Name of Representative:Gensho Makoto

    We are committed to innovating emergency lifesaving by technology and design. A person who encounters a sudden cardiac arrest can use the Coaido 119 application to instantly contact registered and medical volunteers in surrounding areas. The nearest AED can also be tracked simultaneously as an ambulance is being called. Providing quick intervention and first aid helps people suffering from cardiac arrest, which will rise the survival rate as a result.

  • LPixel Inc.

    Name of Representative:Yuki Shimahara

    LPixel is a leader in advanced image analysis and processing technology encompassing the life science field. The company is currently working with the University of Tokyo and the National Cancer Center Japan alongside other research institutions and developing AI-based medical diagnosis technologies represented by implementation of *EIRL in the ongoing research and development of various areas of medical image diagnostics. *EIRL is the collective name given to LPixel’s AI-based medical image diagnostic support technology.

  • Trillium Inc.

    Name of Representative:David M. Uze

    Trillium is the leading provider of transportation safety & information security solutions, including lifecycle protection for connected vehicles and fleets. Founded in Japan 2014, it now operates in Asia, North America and Europe. Current traction includes collaborations with Automotive OEM and Tier1 aimed at a 2020 vehicular Security as a Service offering deployment.

  • Tokyo Hearth Inc.

    Name of Representative:Tomonari Kino

    Tokyo Hearth, Inc. will make Japan international from Tokyo. Tokyo Hearth offers very first online housing platform to support international tenants in Japan. It makes it possible to sign the contract, pay, and give guarantee online. Community manager at residence also support the various housing needs We support all of the people who want to live in Japan, and Asia.

  • Ascent Robotics Inc.

    Name of Representative:Almeida Fred、Masayuki Ishizaki

    Ascent Robotics is a Tokyo based startup focused on developing safe, robust autonomous robotic systems that think like humans do. We apply cutting edge deep learning (differential programs/reasoning) and deep reinforcement learning with strong neuroscience foundations to learn complex tasks such as driving the roads of Tokyo or collaborating in a factory.

X-HUB TOKYO course1: US East Coast Selected Candidates

  • Caulis Inc.

    Name of Representative:Atsuyoshi,Shimazu

    Caulis Inc. is a cybersecurity startup which aims to build the cyber intelligence infrastructure to support ICT in the society. We’ve been securing the internet for everyone through the new approaches for cybersecurity solutions.

  • Zpeer

    Name of Representative:Yutaka,Fujimoto

    Zpeer, Inc. develops and operates the largest veterinarian web-community, Vetpeer. Around 60% of companion animal vets in Japan are using the site to consult each other about clinical / management topics, to discuss the newest scientific topics, and so on. After focusing on the companion animal vets for the last four years, Zpeer has expanded its service to cattle and swine vets (and farms

  • Bespoke Inc.

    Name of Representative:Akemi,Tsunagawa

    Bespoke Inc. is a leading AI solution provider for the travel industry. Its AI-powered concierge, Bebot, is Japan’s first multilingual chatbot that acts as a hotel concierge. It is designed to empower guests through instant, real-time assistance such as exclusive recommendations for both popular and little-known sights in the area, answering questions only hotel staff would know about, or even making restaurant bookings.


    Name of Representative:Yu,Aoki

    MATCHA, a top class web media platform for visitors to Japan publishes travel information related to all the regions of Japan in 10 languages. Aiming to enhance the quality of what visitors to Japan experience during their trip, it promotes the still unknown charms of Japan towards an international audience from all over the world.

  • Phantom AI

    Name of Representative:Shirabe,Ogino

    Phantom AI, Inc. is founded in 2017 with the Artificial Intelligence technology to develop “Weekly Bitcoin Forecast”. Its objective it to foster 3rd party’s forecasting algorithm to be accessible for retail investors through PAI Token platform, which is just announced publicly on ICO process.