Wrap-up Event
Going Global: Startups’ Overseas Expansion Strategies and Practices

Tue. 19 Mar. 16:00-19:00 (JST)

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Venue: City Lab Tokyo
Online: Zoom Webinar

The X-HUB TOKYO program hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government aims at supporting the global activities of startups in Tokyo and stimulating the city's economy through interaction with globally active overseas startups.

Overseas expansion can bring significant benefits to startups, such as burgeoning markets, accessing expanded capital, and building a global brand. On the other hand, the situation around the world presents unprecedented challenges, with complex factors including geopolitical risks such as conflicts, and economic risks such as inflation and the depreciation of the Japanese yen. In this dynamic landscape, flexible strategy formulation and execution are essential for startups to flourish internationally.
In this Wrap-up Event, Prof. Iriyama Akie of Waseda University Business School will provide a keynote speech on the strategy of overseas expansion for startups under the title of "Management for Startups: New Common Sense of Global Strategy." Drawing on cutting-edge research and real-world insight, Prof. Iriyama will illuminate the path for Japanese startups to conquer the global stage.
The Presentation Session will feature startups that have participated in X-HUB's three key programs; the "OUTBOUND PROGRAM," an overseas expansion support program for startups in Tokyo, the "INBOUND PROGRAM," an expansion support program for overseas startups to Tokyo, and the "SCRUM PROGRAM," a support program for startups to acquire essential knowledge and skills necessary for overseas expansion. They will share the benefits and outcomes of the program.
In addition, in the Panel Discussion, more startups from the X-HUB program will share their firsthand experiences of overseas expansions.
Startups that are poised for global success will be speaking at this event.

We welcome not only startups, but also large companies, supporters and institutions who are interested in the trends of startups in Japan and overseas, and anyone who want to learn the know-how of expanding overseas!

Event Report

【Wrap-up Event】

Contents Speaker
1 Overview of X-HUB TOKYO X-HUB Administrative Office
2 Keynote Speech Prof. IRIYAMA Akie
Waseda University, Graduate School of Business and Finance Waseda Business School
3 Presentation on Benefits and outcomes of X-HUB PROGRAMs
Representative companies from each PROGRAM
4 Panel Discussion Representative companies from OUTBOUND and SCRUM PROGRAM
5 Networking
*Please note that the contents are subject to change.



Waseda University Graduate School of Business and Finance Waseda Business School

Professor Iriyama joined Waseda Business School (WBS) in 2013. Prior to joining WBS, he served as an assistant professor of State University of New York at Buffalo, United States, for five years. He received MA and BA in economics from Keio University, Japan, and Ph.D. from University of Pittsb urgh, United States.
Professor Iriyama has broad research interests in strategic management, international business, and entrepreneurship. He has widely published in premier academic journals including Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Int ernational Business Studies, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Global Strategy Journal, and so on. Before pursuing his academic career, Professor Iriyama worked for Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc., a leading research/consulting company in Japan, as an industry economist/business consultant.


Anyone interested in the overseas expansion or the Japan expansion of startups are welcome!
– Japanese startups aiming to expand overseas
– Major corporations, VCs, financial institutions, universities, and other organizations that support startups that are looking to expand overseas
– Overseas startups aiming to expand in Japan
– VCs, accelerators, and other organizations that support startups that are looking to expand in Japan

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Location: City Lab Tokyo (TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN 6F, 3-1-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
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