【Global Startup Lab 19th】世界の金融業界の最先端テクノロジーと英国フィンテックベンチャー企業例の紹介

会場:Plug and Play Japan








19:00-19:15 世界の金融業界の最先端テクノロジートレンド概観
19:15-20:15 テクノロジートレンドを象徴するベンチャー企業の紹介
20:15-21:00 ネットワーキング



■ ONFIDO LTD (領域:RegTech)
Onfido uses machine learning to help over 1,500 companies verify the identity of their users online. Founded in 2012, we’ve received over $60m in funding from world-class technology investors including Salesforce and Microsoft. As a team of 180 with offices in 5 countries, we work with global customers including BBVA, Square and LendingKart. Our technology verifies the authenticity of a user’s identity document and compares it with their facial biometrics. As a global innovator in the Computer Vision space, our AI learns to identity fraud as it evolves over time, enabling our clients to rapidly onboard more users while protecting themselves against fraudulent activity. Our goal is to apply cutting-edge research to build powerful, simple products that drive trust, inclusion and safety online.

■ Inside Secure (領域:Payments | RegTech | Banking | Whitelabel Financial solutions (AI; Cloud; Blockchain))
Inside Secure is a vertically integrated Security Software company. Financial Services is a key market and we supply both our Foundational Security technology to banks and other institutions, but we also supply white-lable solutions for Mobile Payments (certified by Visa and Mastercard) and Strong Customer Authentication into this market.

■ Digital Shadows (領域:Cybersecurity)
Digital Shadows monitors, manages and remediates digital risk across the widest range of data sources within the open, deep, and dark web to protect an organization’s business, brand, and reputation.

■ Boseman (領域:Wealth and Money Management)
Boseman is a company that exists to build the next generation of Robo-Advisors and Digital Wealth platforms. These platforms make it simple and free (or close to) for people to invest in the Markets. Wealth management remains one of the most profitable industries that categorically does not deliver value over the long term and standard Robo-advisors do not appear to be the answer given their traction. We have one of the strongest Fintech teams in the market who were part one of Silicon Valley’s first Robo-Advisors called FutureAdvisor (acquired by Blackrock in 2015). They have also worked on large consumer products at FB, Skype and unicorn startups like Intercom and Revolut. With respect to Japan we are exploring launching either a stand-alone product ourselves or partnering up with an Instituition ready to innovate and enter the Digital Wealth space.